Artclass By Rodin Shading Boutique Limited Pink Edition


#ByRodin Boutique Edition is a special kit inspired by the uniqueness of a boutique store, available for a limited time only.


This set comes with a special pink edition by rodin shading palette and a multi blender brush in a portable size.


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  • Limited Pink Packaging: Special pink edition comes with shading palette and a petite brush for detailed contouring.
  • A Professional’s Touch: Powder applies finely onto the skin creating a naturally slimming look.
  • Soft and Bouncy with Each Touch: Diagonally cut brush allows detailed contouring when sculpting the face



  • #1 Classic : warm brown shades without red undertones. 3 optimal warm tones for buttery smooth contouring
  • #2 Modern: neutral grey shade. By Rodin’s optimal colour match for cool skin tones for vivid contouring


Made in Korea

Weight/ Volume: By Rodin Shadding 9.5g, Multi Blender Petit 1ea

Additional Information

#1 Classic, #2 Modern

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