Artclass Watery Blur Primer


A moisturising essence primer that smooths complexion whilst provides hydration. It creates a perfect base for your foundation.


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  • Essence primer that leaves skin “moist” and “smooth”

– An essence and blurring primer, which helps replenish hydration with its moisturizing essence formulation and smooth out complexion

  • Smooth skin like a blur filtered complexion

– Soft Focus Powder fits on the skin lightly without clogging pores and smooth out fine lines and complexion like a blur filtered complexion.

  • Moisturizing booster that fits on the skin

– A moisturizing essence formulation containing triple hyaluronic acid and beta-glucan helps makeup stick to the skin like a magnet to steel for long-lasting makeup that stays in place!

  • EWG Green Pure Primer

-Reliable and mild primer containing good ingredients, which earned EWG’s green rating

  • Replenishes hydration with moisturizing skincare ingredients

-Beta-glucan: Gives moisture to dry skin with moisturizing effect and fast absorption

-Triple hyaluronic acid: Skin surface and deep layer hydration and long-lasting moisturization


How to use : Before base makeup, apply an appropriate amount on the face


Volume: 30ml

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